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Save up to $200k for every property you own Save up to $9,600 for every employee you hire Business Owners - Are You Getting All of Your Tax Breaks?

Experience Positive    

With Financial Solutions, Business Tax Management, and Operational Expense Managed Savings.

We provide a National Network of Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Industry Specialists, Property Tax Attorneys, Accountants, Consultants and Financial Resources to help you succeed.

Our Partners Stryde Savings and Growth Management Group have found more than a Billion in Savings!

We spend money to get money back for your Business showing you how to improve your bottom line without charging an advisory fee.  

Book a risk free 15 minute online appointment to experience our proprietary software. We uncover profit enhancement opportunities through cost reductions and specialized tax incentives without interrupting your daily business. Our highly trained consultants will help you add to your bottom line. 

If you prefer a personal meeting, call (513) 752-2393 or Text (410) 937-9933 to set up an appointment for a savings analysis. Most fees are contingency based. There is no consultation fee.

Our service typically achieves tax savings and increase cash flow in the range of $25k to $250k for the following industries: 

Automotive, Commercial Real Estate, Construction Companies, Funeral Homes, Golf Courses, HotelManufacturingMedical and Dental Facilities, Online Retailers and Restaurant Owners. 

The foregoing are not meant to be all inclusive. Any Business Owner may contact us for a preliminary evaluation without charge.

We use our Tax and Expense Management Specialists to help you find more business tax savings with specialized tax incentives and our Auditing and Consulting Specialists to reduce your business expenses in key specified areas. This is done through a proven performance based model and agreement structure that does not cost the business owner anything until and unless results are delivered. 

Our services provide benefits for Business Owners by reducing Business Expenses and capturing Federal and State Tax Incentives. We also bridge the opportunity for Business Financing and Business Owner Retirement Planning

With the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) "definitely structured to favor big business" it is more important than ever for the small and mid-sized business owner to take advantage of proven specialized tax incentives, tax credits and expense reductions.

We enable you to bring added professional resources to the table that typical CPA firms do not provide without our help. Working together we can give you thousands of dollars in additional tax savings and expense reductions! 

If you think large Fortune 500 companies get better tax breaks and services for their business, you are probably right. We level the playing field for "all" business owners.  

For Business Owners Planning for Retirement  we provide a strategy that will leverage dollars 20 to 1 and that will create a hedge against outliving income, while taking into consideration the impact of inflation, taxation, and rising healthcare costs. 

Our specialized tax optimization analysis includes: Cost SegregationResearch and Business Development Tax Credits, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), Startup Business Tax Credits and Property Tax Mitigation.

Our business expense savings programs include audits and evaluations of: Credit Card Merchant AccountsWaste and Recycling, Workers' Comp Insuranceand Parcel Shipping expenses.

Business owners are not requested to change vendors for services that are provided. Analysis audits and saving reports are provided without charge. If savings are discovered, the owner has the option of entering a service agreement for a pre-disclosed fee. You pay nothing unless we find savings!

For Business Financing needs for corporate, real estate, or business purpose financing, we have access to a consortium of select companies and individuals with expertise in a variety of funding environments. Contact us for more information.

Bridgeway Retirement and Legacy Planning 

Enjoy "Peace of Mind" Retirement

 • Reduce Market Risk
 • Establish Retirement Income
 • Defer and Lower Taxation 
 • Reduce Investment Uncertainty
 • Set-up Lifetime Income  
 • Establish a tax free legacy

At Bridgeway the protection of your money for retirement is our primary goal. We take very seriously the need to protect our client's accumulated savings and investments. We teach our clients how to make defensive moves to maintain their wealth with expectations of tax favored returns for retirement safety and legacy distribution.

If you are looking to "make a lot of money" in the stock market, we are not for you. If you want financial protection while growing your wealth with low risk strategies, we can help. We invite you to reduce the uncertainty in your financial future. We can show you strategic moves to protect your retirement income and investments by generating low-risk strategies wrapped in financial vehicles that defer taxation of income.

We do not give investment advice and we are not licensed to buy or sell securities. Articles and videos regarding investing are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as recommendations for the purchase or sale of securities. We partner with Integrated Financial Network for questions and advice regarding securities and investing.

The information on this website is not intended as tax or legal advice. Please consult legal or tax professionals for specific information regarding your individual situation.


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