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Leveraged Cash Flow for Business Owner Retirement

Our business cash flow leveraged retirement plan is a Non-Qualified Plan especially designed for Business Owners and highly compensated Professionals.

Our cash flow retirement plan uses the power of leveraged financing that can provide: (1) tax deductions in funding,* (2) tax deferral in growth, and (3) tax free distribution in retirement! There is no other retirement plan with so many tax advantages!

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Using cash flow from your business and special business financing, the plan provides an approximate 20 to 1 leveraged retirement dollar accumulation for Business Owners, Medical  & Dental Professionals, and Key Executives. This plan is designed to meet specialized retirement needs that can be discriminatory in nature. 

This business funded retirement program typically requires no personal loan guarantees, relying instead on collateral within the product funded, the business assets, and when necessary, outside collateral.

This unique business cash flow based retirement plan is submitted to and reviewed by your CPA or Professional Tax Planner. The implementation depends on their review and approval. Each circumstance is unique and the design of the plan takes into account the advice and approval of tax professionals according to your particular circumstances.

The success of the plan comes from cash flow dollars that are highly leveraged with tax deferred growth and tax free distribution. Furthermore, the retirement plan is exempt from the discriminatory and top-heavy testing of Qualified Plans.

The plan is not tied to market risk and can offer guaranteed compounded growth without taxation. It can be designed to capture market gains up to 14% based on index valuations such as the S&P 500 without exposure to market declines. 

You owe yourself the favor of comparing this program with the Qualified Plan that you now have in place. This will be a no cost, no obligation, comparison that will truly inform you of your best options for retirement. 

The business cash flow retirement plan will challenge you to think out of the box and reward you multiple times over for being proactive in retirement planning.

This plan has the backing of over 175 years of combined insurance/banking knowledge and over 15 years of direct experience structuring strategies to meet the personal and professional planning needs of Business Owners, Medical Professionals, Medium-to-high Net Worth Individuals and Entrepreneurs.     

Analytical comparisons reveal far superior performance compared to traditional Qualified Plans. Contact Us to see an illustrative comparison. Preliminary offers can be made in as little as 48 hours. Generally, there are no annual origination, maintenance, trust or legal fees required to set up this special business cash flow retirement program solution.

The retirement program is multifaceted and may be used for the following business succession, financial, and legacy planning strategies:

Business Exit Planning: With the ability of the front loading to be assumed, it may provide massive benefit to the business seller and buyer at sale.

Key-man & Buy-Sell: With the insurance contained within the structure, it can be used as a wealth accumulation medium and address insurance needs simultaneously.

Wealth Transfer: Transfer massive amounts of wealth to your heirs, charity, school or foundation utilizing the most powerful and cost effective manner while guaranteeing the results.

Estate Planning: Engage in estate planning utilizing the benefits of your business to accomplish the most cost effective ILIT in existence.

Qualified Plan Rescue: By redirecting participating funds, the opportunity exists to generate a structure that results in tax free distributions that may be applied against taxes due on distributions out of a qualified plan.

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* The Client and CPA determine if the business interest is deductible as the loan to the business accomplishes numerous legitimate business purposes. Neither Bridgeway Business Solutions, nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates provides tax, financial or legal advice.