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Are You Taking a 40% Hit from TCJA

| August 06, 2018
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After October 15th it will be too late to take full advantage of the Cost Segregation Tax Deduction benefit for "C" Corporations. Because the taxation rate decreases from 35% to 21% the value of this specialized tax incentive is reduced by 40%.

The average savings for this service is $75K per every $1M in purchase / renovation costs. With the change in the tax code, "C" Corporations will realize after October 15th average savings of $45,000 instead of $75,000 thereby losing $30,000 in deduction benefit. Cost Segregation Studies must be completed for filing by October 15th. Time is of the essence because Studies can take 4-6 weeks.  Use our new self-activating Cost Segregation and Property Tax Reduction Calculator Software to determine how much this specialized tax incentive can benefit you with increased cash flow. 

Every commercial property should be depreciated properly, especially for those generating positive cash flow. GMG works with Commercial Real Estate Investors across the nation on maximizing tax incentives for their investment properties. If you have constructed, purchased, or renovated, commercial real estate over the past few years, use this New Software Calculator developed by GMG to determine your tax incentive opportunities. You will not be contacted by an Agent or Representative unless you request contact. The software is completely "self-activating."

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