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Business  Expense  Savings  (No Savings = No Fee)

All business expense auditing services and analysis are without fees unless actual savings are realized. If you do not save, we do not charge!

Throughout each project our representatives work side by side with the client's budgeting personnel, CPA's, and accounting staff to ensure a smooth integration of the following expense reduction services.

Auditing services are non-disruptive of your present vendor relationships. We do not ask you to change providers. You will receive a comprehensive analysis identifying inefficiencies, overcharges and billing errors in key expense areas such as:

Credit Card Merchant Account Auditing

Energy & Utility Audit & Savings

Waste & Recycling

Property Tax Mitigation & Reduction

Telecommunication Audit & Savings

Workers' Compensation Premium Audit & Reduction

Charges are fee based and they only apply on proven savings. You get paid before we get paid.  Book a Free Online Review

With a fresh set of auditing eyes and expertise we frequently find areas for meaningful expense reductions. Simply go to this link for a sample audit of one of our expense reduction services Credit Card Merchant Account Audit

Expense reduction services along with specialized tax incentives may be applied to these business entities. 


Commercial Real Estate Investment

Construction Companies

Funeral Home

Golf Courses



Medical Facilities 

Online Retailers

Restaurant Owners

Software Development Companies