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Working With Your CPA or Tax Professional

Our Tax Saving Services extend beyond those offered by most CPA and Accounting Firms. Our national team of Tax Specialists will look for improvement in cash flow, return of tax dollars spent, and future tax reductions using specialized tax incentives of State and Federal Tax Code provisions while utilizing a nationwide network of Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Industry Specialists, Property Tax Attorneys, Accountants and Consultants. Our specialist work seamlessly with your CPA or Tax Advisor to uncover these unique opportunities to optimize tax savings and cash flow for your business.

Business owners with commercial property will usually realize tax savings and increase cash flow ranging from $50,000 to $250,000 or more. These tax breaks and tax incentives require expertise not usually included in an accounting office staff or personnel. We are in a position to allow you to explore these opportunities without out of pocket expenditures.

    Our servicing partners have structured their organization and processes to meet all of the challenges commonly experienced by business owners attempting to capture financial savings and reinvest in their businesses with a focus on each client’s specific industry circumstances and goals.

    This teamwork provides our clients with the highest industry recognized level of service and a single solution to capture the broadest range of federal, state and local tax breaks and credits for small and mid-size businesses as well as special tax incentives for any business. We service the following industries.

    Click on Industry to See Average Savings: 


    Commercial Real Estate Investment

    Construction Companies

    Funeral Home

    Golf Courses



    Medical Facilities 

    Online Retailers

    Restaurant Owners

    Software Development Companies

    The foregoing list is not meant to be all inclusive. Any Business owner may contact us for a preliminary evaluation without charge.

    These specialized business tax breaks and incentives have yielded over $4 Billion for our servicing partner's clients to date. A national team of industry experts will work with you to discover which tax breaks, tax credits and specialized tax incentives are right for your business, and can even provide a calculation of benefit that each service will yield without replacing your current CPA or Tax Professional. Our services are coordinated with them without interference with their current relationship with you as their client.