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Bridgeway Business

Business  Tax  Savings  (No Risk Consultation

Business Specialized Tax Incentives and Savings That Improve Your Bottom Line:

CARES Act Employee Retention Payroll Tax Credit

Commercial Building Tax Savings,

Property Tax Reduction and Mitigation,

Hiring Incentive & Employee Tax Credits

Business Development Tax Credits 

Start-up Business Tax Credits

Click Here to Calculate Your Tax Savings. Book a risk free online 15 minute appointment.

Our Tax Saving Services extend beyond those offered by most CPA and Accounting Firms. Our national team of Tax Specialists will look for improvement in cash flow, return of tax dollars spent, and future tax reductions using specialized tax incentives of State and Federal Tax Code provisions while utilizing a nationwide network of Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Industry Specialists, Property Tax Attorneys, Accountants and Consultants.

Our specialists will work together seamlessly with your CPA or Tax Advisor to uncover these unique opportunities to optimize tax savings and cash flow for your business.